суббота, 21 июля 2012 г.

Who's in the Pockets. The Beginning.

Well, first of all, the Pockets of Art is an artful collaboration of independent artists and hand-makes, based Crimea, Ukraine. Its started when Kate and Tori decided to open a small shop on Etsy in end February, 2012. The shop was tiny and we only could show a few wood-burning designs, half a dozen of stitched creatures and some lovely home decor. We were very new to Etsy (and still are - there is so much to learn!) and had no idea about correct photos, nice descriptions and collaboration of makers on Etsy.

By June, we already came to some general style of photos and descriptions. We also accepted the importance of having our own logo and banner. They were created by a talented Ukrainian artist Nikky Weis. The shop acquired some style yet the range in our shop didn't exceed even 2 pages.

And we decided to lend a hand. We know awesome people, who just had no time for starting and promoting their artful designs on Etsy. Why not to start a collaboration? Together we can make more, we all thought, and the Pockets started to grow from inside.

First of all, the Rodriguez sisters hop in. Paulina "Donna Quixote" with her beautifully made jewelry and Alex "Ralehandra" who makes artsy felted designs. We have to tell you much more about these wonderful and very inspiring girls, so stay tuned!

And, the last but not the least, was Woodroid. Behind this cybernatural name is Pavel Velikodvorsky. He conquered our hearts with his thingies of wood and we asked the Woodroid to pick our Pockets.

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