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Inspiring Techniques: Maki-e

Kate akatombo fell helplessly in love with an old Japanese art technique known as maki-e. Maki-e or sprinkled picture means that the picture is created by sprinkling metallic powder on lacquered surface. It is to hard to explain how it is actually done. Sometimes maki-e goes closely with inlaying of metal or mother-of-pearl pieces. The works created in this technique look like real art objects, I am actually afraid to take them in my hands as if my awkwardness could ruin the magic perfection of these masterpieces.

Maki-e may be performed on different surfaces and objects. I saw metal boxes, wooden bowls, fountain pens and watches. The basic thing is that the surface first is carefully covered with several layers of specialty thick varnish, usually of black color, but as I understood color is not relevant. And then the designed image is transferred onto the varnished surface. The glue for metallic powders is varnish too. It is applied by very fine and thin brushes and then the powder is sprinkled on it. The artist waits until it is dried well and then repeats the this process again and again until the picture is completed. It is a very time-consuming and very refined technique.

OK, too many words. Just look at this:

1. from ReadyMadeJewelry
2. from katietwoshoesvintage
3. found on houseofpens.blogspot.com
4. found on www.estilograficas.net

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