среда, 22 августа 2012 г.

New in Shop #3: Fall in Woodlands

1. Colorful earrings by Ralehandra are absolutly in current fall trends!

Re-newed stitched lovelies by akatombo to be adopted by woodland lovers ;)
2. Sleepy bunny. 3. Curious foxie. 4. Woodland birdie.

New treasures in copper color from Tori Tokabari: 5. Long pendant with fancy pyrography bead. 6. Beautiful chandelier earrings with carnelian organic shape beads.

A few more from Tori for geeky and cute: 7. I heart my bike key-chin with kid art. 8 and 9. Two safety pin brooches with cat paw and mom-to-be charms.

10. Stylized in-yang earrings with cat paws. 11. Minimalist shell and wood-burning brooch from Tori Tokabari.

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