четверг, 25 июля 2013 г.

One Beautiful Shop: grrlandog

A beautiful artist we want to talk today is Denise Litchfield and her amazing   shop. A shop full of darling boho softies created from rescued fabrics and  adorable tiny houses inspired by  Tim Winton's Cloudstreet.


I stitch stories. Hold my vintage fabric softie in your hands and listen.

I hoard vintage buttons and scrounge for authentic vintage pieces. My simple primitive softies are created over many hours of quiet stitching. Slow work that allows their souls to sing.

I am drawn to material that echoes the 30’s and 40' - a time when things were saved, mended washed and re used.

 Hand embellished and stuffed with polyfill, these rescued vintage fabric softies may whisper lines from an old movie or grandma’s secret recipe for scones.
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  1. I love Denise ... she has a delightfully whimsical shop! Her creations always bring a smile.. I love her fabulous use of color & texture ... wonderful post ............. Bravo!♥